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Manajemen 1567

Manejemen 1567 

1. Vision

To be the school which has a research based learning, involve the character building and the pioneer  on environmental  faith and piety

5. Mission

  1. To develop superior faithful human resources in science and technology  in line  with the dynamics of globalization
  2. To have the  integrity educators, staff and students
  3. To get  the graduates who have a national character  background and care  the environment
  4. To develop the potential of intellectual, emotional and spiritual students to face dynamic   problems of the nation.

To establish partnerships with  stakeholders  through  excellent service, transparent and accountable in order to build a harmonious communication with partners in formal and non-formal.

6. Quality Policies

  1. To improve the teachers and staff qualities
  2. To improve the students quality
  3. To improve the infra structure and school environments qualities
  4. To improve the graduates quality
  5. To improve the school management system
  6. To improve service quality

7. Seven Competences to form students’ characters

  1. Faith  and pious competencies
  2. Competence of Science and Technology
  3. Leadership competence
  4. Social and Entrepreneurship Competencies
  5. Sports and Arts Competence
  6. Environmental Competence
  7. Communication competence